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53. Conic Hill
Difficulty of Trail: Moderate, unless you're a sherpa
Length of Trail: 2 - 5 miles

Taken from the Walking Highlands Website: Conic Hill is a sharp little summit rising above Balmaha. Right on the Highland Boundary Fault, this short hillwalk offers truly fantastic views over Loch Lomond and its many islands.

For directions to the Balmaha Car Park and details of the walk, see

If you’re not a hill walker, this is the hill walk for you. The total distance is 3.25 miles, and the overall walking time is between 2 and 3.5 hours – much less demanding than a Munroe or even a Corbett.

To find the letterbox, go to the top of Conic Hill. From the top, look out over Loch Lomond and the small islands dotting through it. Now, directly down below you, in that same direction, is what looks like a very big rock. Head towards that, and as you get a bit closer, you’ll see that it’s a set of rocks – or what was formerly one big one that has been split by lightning or a gigantic axe.

Once you’re at the rocks, there’s a nice flat part that serves as a good place to sit. If you sit on it, you’ll be looking out over green farms land and trees, with the water off to your right. The box is hidden underneath this ‘seat’, with some smaller rocks and heather hiding it from view.

As ever, when you’re finished please reseal everything so that it’s watertight, and re-hide so that it is not inadvertently found by mean, non-boxers who will take it away.

Happy letterboxing.

For this box, you will need:
  • An inkpad
  • Something to write with

Hidden On: 01/05/2012
Last Known Find:  Please let us know your find