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52. Destiny
Difficulty of Trail: Easy peasy
Length of Trail: Less than 1 mile

Edinburgh Castle

After visiting the Edinburgh Castle [NT 25 73] and seeing the Stone of Scone (aka Stone of Destiny), you can seek YOUR destiny by heading down to the park area right at the base of Castle Hill, between the Castle and the railroad tracks. Wander around until you can see old ruins that are downhill from some steps. On the right side (when heading down) of the "correct" steps there are two tiers of a side wall. Sit on the lower tier looking towards the Princes Street Gardens across the tracks. Reach to your right behind the upper wall section, behind and at the base of the tree and you will find a capstone. Lift it to find your Destiny (and be careful not to move the second rock which is behind it and is to keep it from falling down the hill). It is a long reach so you MIGHT have to hop the wall or come from above but be very careful if you need to do this since it is a lot harder to be stealthy doing this.

Thanks to Tiger Pride for the stamp; I asked some friends if they wanted to send anything for me to plant while in the UK and this was what she gave to me.

Please send status updates to me via about this box if possible since I live in the USA and won't be able to check on it myself.

Other Info:
Urban Location
For this box, you will need:
  • An inkpad
  • Something to write with

Hidden On: 03/08/2011
Last Known Find:  Please let us know your find