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49. Ducky in Dalbeattie
Difficulty of Trail: Easy peasy
Length of Trail: 1 - 2 miles

Dalbeattie Town Wood

When I was a kid, ‘ducky’ meant ‘peachy’ or ‘happy’. It was often used in response to ‘How’re you doing?’ I haven’t heard it used this way in a long while, but I was definitely feeling ducky after a great weekend of letterboxing in Dalbeattie. So I thought it a fitting addition to this rich seam of letterboxes.

Enter Dalbeattie Town Wood via the small dirt road opposite Dalbeattie Primary School. If you’re looking at a map, the road is called Spycraig Rd (and Dalbeattie Primary is on Southwick Road). It is between two houses and there is a sign that says: Public Path, Dalbeattie Town Wood.

The road soon becomes the main trail; keep to this main trail for a bit. You will encounter a sort of T junction. Rather than being straight, the top part of the T (of this T junction) curves away, both rightward and left (like a broad smile rather than a horizontal line). There are red trail markers, both on the trail that heads rightward, and on the trail that heads left. Take the trail going left.

Follow on, up an incline. When the trail levels out again it curves left, and then straightens out. In this straight bit, there is a tall mossy crag, just alongside the trail on the left. Keep on the trail to the end of the crag, and then take 58 steps (still on the trail). The trail will start to veer right, but at your 58th step, leave the path, going left up the incline. (If you pass another red trail marker on the left side of the trail, you’ve gone too far.)

You’ll see a small, mossy boulder. Go to it. As you stand in front of the boulder, look to your left. There is a tree about 15 feet away. Go to this tree. You’ll know it is the right tree because there are some largish, granite stones at its roots. The letterbox is hidden underneath the base of this tree, behind and underneath some smaller stones.

As ever, when you’re finished please reseal everything so that it’s watertight, and re-hide so that it is not inadvertently found by mean, non-boxers who will take it away.

Happy letterboxing.

Other Info:
Bike Friendly
For this box, you will need:
  • An inkpad
  • Something to write with

Hidden On: 22/08/2010
Last Known Find: 14/09/2010 Please let us know your find