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5. Letham Hill Woods--Box Missing
Difficulty of Trail: Moderate, unless you're a sherpa
Length of Trail: 1 - 2 miles

Box is missing :(

Dalgety Bay is just a few miles from the Forth Road Bridge, and is easily reached by taking the second exit North of the Bridge (on the M90). It is signposted for Dalgety Bay. At the bottom of the slip road, take the third exit off the roundabout onto the A921, signposted Dalgety Bay/Inverkeithing.

St. David’s Harbour is on the West side of Dalgety Bay, and is sign posted. To find the car park at the start of the clues, follow Harbour Drive (from the western-most roundabout posted for Dalgety Bay on the A921) down to the bottom, under an archway, and go left at the very bottom.

1. From the car park behind the apartments at the St. David’s Harbour beach, walk west along the coast (which is the Fife Coastal Path).
2. Follow onto the paved path, through a gate, and onto the dirt path.
3. Continue to a sign for Letham Hill and Hillend, and follow this sign (turning right and ascending the hill).
4. At the crest of the hill, follow the path right into Letham Hill Wood.
5. Follow on, snaking through the trees until you come upon large stones in the middle of the path—as many stones as Snow White had Dwarfs.
6. Standing on the first stone, head off the path 300 degrees from North, over a wall ruin (at ground level), and you will see a dead tree with lots of knots.
7. You’ll find the micro box hidden in a knotty branch of this tree.
8. Return to the path and continue on until you see a sign post for Dalgety Bay and for Hillend.
9. From this signpost, go approximately 23 pace towards Hillend.
10. To find the letterbox, look for the tree with legs. The box is hidden underneath.

After finding, exchanging images and making your entry, please ensure the lid is tightly back in place and the box is hidden well out of sight.

For a longer walk, you could continue on from here. The path ends at the top of Harbour Drive across from the BP Station. If you follow this road back down the hill, it will lead to the starting point—the car park behind the apartments at the St. David’s Harbour beach.

Alternatively for a shorter walk, follow the sign for Dalgety Bay (23 paces back the way). This path leads down some steps into a park that is adjacent to Harbour Drive. Follow Harbour Drive back to the starting point—the car park behind the apartments at the St. David’s Harbour beach.

For this box, you will need:
  • An inkpad
  • Compass
  • Something to write with
  • Gloves

Hidden On: 04/02/2008
Last Known Find:  Please let us know your find