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42. Up, Up and Away
Difficulty of Trail: Do some training
Length of Trail: 5 - 10 miles

This is a great letterbox, created by Hufflepuff Lost. It has a lovely hand carved stamp and handmade journal. It is placed at the top of Ben Lomond, the most Southerly of the Munros. It is one of the most climbed hills in Scotland, offering beautiful views from the top and indeed on the way up. Ben Lomond can be done as a circuit, though most people prefer to ascend and descend using the same route from the car park. The starting point is immediately east of the information centre; when it is open, this effectively means walking through the building and continuing straight on.

The route to the summit is on a well constructed path with occasional, very light scrambling. The summit is at an elevation of 3195 feet, a 7 mile walk, return (round trip) taking from 4-6 hours. Due care and preparation should be taken when walking in the Scottish Hills, as weather conditions can change rapidly. Good boots, rain wear, food and water are all recommended.

From Balmaha, continue driving on the B837 (the main road), climbing sharply and steeply to the right. The road narrows considerably, and in 9 miles, takes you to Rowardennan and the car park at the base of Ben Lomond.

Having taken the summit, retrace your route down to the bealach (the saddle point between the peak and where the path starts to rise again slightly). Here there are two paths you can go by (but in the long run, there’s still time to change the road you’re on—ha ha). One, follow a path to the left that ascends sharply. Care is needed here as this starts you along the edge of the summit ridge. This path ends abruptly, but you should continue along the grass of the ridge for 50 paces (from the endpoint of the path). To your left, on the summit ridge, will be a small collection of boulders and below these, to your right, a solitary boulder, 8 paces down. Take those 8 paces down to the boulder, and you will find the boulder is jutting out from the land creating a sort of shelf. The box is tucked in, underneath the shelf, hidden underneath some smaller stones.

Two (the other way to the box): this second route retraces the path you took to the top (and in a day of stormy or foggy weather is the recommended route). After a short distance, the path splits into two parallel paths (one a bit higher than the other). When these two paths come back together, take 9 further paces along this (now single) path, where there will be a boulder in the middle of the path. Here, turn 90 degrees left and climb steeply, directly up the hill, on the grass, 33 paces. Here you will see a boulder jutting out from the land creating a sort of shelf. The box is tucked in, underneath the shelf, hidden underneath some smaller stones.

For this box, you will need:
  • An inkpad
  • Something to write with
  • Hiking Boots

Hidden On: 13/06/2009
Last Known Find:  Please let us know your find