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39. The Holy Grail - box missing
Difficulty of Trail: Do some training
Length of Trail: Less than 1 mile

Attempted finds May and August 2011 - box not found.

In Roslin Glen, an exciting wooded gorge near the famous Rosslyn Chapel a few miles south of Edinburgh.
The path can be very muddy - you will need boots - and is steep in places. There are also several places with treacherous drops, so hang on to any wee kids! It's well worth it though.

1. Start at Rosslyn Chapel (grid ref NT275631) and head south-east, through a gap in a fence and walk down into the glen.
2. You will see a very large scots pine - keep this to your right. Further down you will find a line of 6 big scots pines - take the path which goes just to the left of these.
3. Just before the last pine tree, at a fence, the path turns to the right (very steep and slippery).
4. Follow the path round and it soon joins a slightly bigger path at a T-junction. Take the path to the left (heading roughly north-east).
5. The path ascends again, going up some steps. Follow the path for a few more minutes.
6. Just after the path turns to the right there is a fork. Take the lower fork (to the right). The path begins to descend again, with a steep drop on your right.
7. You will soon come to a rocky outcrop with a single tree, overlooking the river North Esk. Follow the path down to the left of this and round the back. (If you look carefully at this point you can find a face carved into the rock.)
8. The path continues to descend, and after a few minutes you are walking parallel to the river, almost down to the water level.
9. Just to the left of the path you will see a sort of shallow cave in the rock face. Scramble up to this. The letterbox is hidden in a crack in the rock about 1m to the left of the cave mouth.
You could return the same way, but it is more interesting to keep following the path. It soon descends right to the edge of the river (nice for picnics, stone skipping and paddling in the warmer months). Keep following the path even when it is only a narrow ledge of rock at the edge of the river. The path soon opens out again and you can turn to the left and climb steeply up again. It is about 15mins walk back to the car park. On the way you can see some lovely old yew trees and (30m off the path to the left) a huge ancient sweet chestnut tree (about NT278632). The path then joins a road - turn left to go back to the chapel.

There is car parking at the chapel, or there are buses to Roslin from Edinburgh. Cafe at the chapel.

For this box, you will need:
  • Something to write with
  • Wellies
  • Hiking Boots

Hidden On: 03/01/2009
Last Known Find:  Please let us know your find