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34. Rendalls of Westray
Difficulty of Trail: Easy peasy
Length of Trail: Less than 1 mile

Our ancestor, Jeremiah Rendall, left Westray, Orkney in 1862 with his wife Mary Stevenson and settled in Ontario, Canada. During our visit to Westray we met many Rendall and Stevenson “cousins” and enjoyed the beauty and remoteness of the area. In remembrance of our roots, we planted a Rendall Letterbox.

Find Noltland castle. If locked, ask for the key at the farm across the road.

When you enter the castle, there is a large staircase to the left. Go up the stair to the top. On the right is a small guard room. Under the window on the left is a secret hole. In the hole to the left behind a rock is the Rendall letterbox.

Please replace the box and stone carefully.

There is also a bit of old Rendall “graffiti” – see if you can find it! It is near the top of the smaller, service stairway (other side of the castle before going up the big stairs) This is from 1888, R. (Robert) Rendall, an uncle of our Jeremiah.

For this box, you will need:
  • An inkpad
  • Something to write with

Hidden On: 10/06/2008
Last Known Find:  Please let us know your find