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31. Robert the Bruce
Difficulty of Trail: Easy peasy
Length of Trail: Less than 1 mile

Near Melrose Abby:
The Borders Abbeys Way trail runs along the south side of the River Tweed. You can access the path by following the signs from Melrose Abbey (for a bit of a hike -- be sure to get a map from the Tourist Information office opposite the Abbey), or from the car park near Lowood Bridge (the bridge that connects Darnick with Gattonside).

Robert the Bruce (1274-1329) was King of Scotland from 1306 to 1329. He was one of Scotland's greatest kings, as well as one of the most famous warriors of his generation. He led Scotland during the Wars of Scottish Independence against England, and claimed the Scottish throne as a direct descendant of David I of Scotland.

According to his wishes, Robert the Bruce's heart was removed from his body upon his death and carried by Sir James Douglas on a crusade to the Holy Land. Unfortunately, it only made it as far as Spain when Sir James met his own untimely end. According to legend, Robert's heart is buried at Melrose Abbey in Scotland.

Follow the Borders Abbeys Way trail west along the River Tweed, past the former toll-house (now a private residence) immediately adjacent to the single-lane Lowood Bridge. At the end of the white railings on the right side of the trail, you'll see the Borders Abbeys Way trail marker pointing to the right. Head through the gate and down the path.

Walk a bit on this path, and stop when the river comes into full view, right before the trail turns left then right and then heads more sharply downhill toward the river. Sight a large tree at 295 degrees, 12 paces1 from the trail. This tree splits into three trunks approximately two meters above its base. Check the base of the tree.

Please be absolutely discreet in finding and re-hiding this letterbox, since this is a well-used path. Please reseal all baggies carefully and completely, and double-bag all contents into the appropriately labelled bag. Restore the box in its hiding place and cover with leaves to camouflage the location, thus ensuring that this letterbox remains safe and sound.


Pick a foot (left or right), step forward with the other foot, and count one pace each time your chosen foot hits the ground.
There's no inkpad in the box, so be sure to bring your own.
Replace the box carefully in its hiding place after you've stamped in.
The standard Letterboxing North America "Waiver of Responsibility and Disclaimer" applies.

For this box, you will need:
  • An inkpad
  • Compass
  • Something to write with

Hidden On: 23/10/2006
Last Known Find: 04/02/2007 Please let us know your find