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22. A gruff hello from Rounall Wood
Difficulty of Trail: Easy peasy
Length of Trail: 1 - 2 miles

OS Grid ref 834 618
Start from the centre of Dalbeattie, travel up Station Road and turn right into Albert Street. Follow the road straight ahead and you will come to the car park and the start of the Rounall Wood paths.
Park in the Rounall Wood car park next to the cemetery.

From the “Welcome to Rounall Wood” sign take 70 paces up the hill into the wood and follow the track on your right until you find the chunky picnic table. 36 paces after this there is a small path on your left just before a large rhododendron bush. Follow the path up between various rhododendron bushes to the stream crossing. Roughly 70 paces further up where the path does a jink around a small boulder the box is 6 feet up on the right where the tree is growing out of the rocks.

This box contains the clue to the next box in this series – there are 5 boxes in total:


As of 14 May 2008, all boxes are back in place.

This wood can get very muddy if there has been a lot of rain. You may require Wellingtons.

For this box, you will need:
  • An inkpad
  • Something to write with

Pencil and paper for writing each successive clue.

Something to clean your hands with.
Hidden On: 27/08/2007
Last Known Find: 15/09/2010 Please let us know your find