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19. Dughall Mor
Difficulty of Trail: Easy peasy
Length of Trail: 1 - 2 miles

From the A835 Inverness-Beauly road, turn left following brown "Forest Walks" road sign. Keep following these signs to the Reelig Glen car park (about a mile or so from the main road).

Walk from the back of the car park, to the end of the glen, cross the footbridge and walk back along the other side for a short way until you see Dughall Mor, the tallest tree in Britain. Continue to the next bridge, beyond which is a wooden seat with a wall behind it. From the wall, climb up hill 10 yards to a fallen tree across the path, then turn left and climb a short way to a little ridge. From the ridge, look up to your right and find a prominent, 3 foot hight tree stump. From that stump, look up again to the right to a tree with prominent roots about 10 yards away. The box is hidden amongst the roots, covered with moss and pine needles.

For this box, you will need:
  • An inkpad
  • Something to write with

Hidden On: 09/06/2007
Last Known Find:  Please let us know your find