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12. Midlothian 1--box possibly missing
Difficulty of Trail: Easy peasy
Length of Trail: Less than 1 mile

From the Sheriff Hall roundabout at the end of the Edinburgh bypass. Take the A7 heading towards Galashiels. After about 3 miles turn left up into Gorebridge (B704) at crossroads (Shell Garage), also signposed for Vogrie Country Park.
Go all the way through Gorebridge, past the shops on Main street. At the bottom of the hill, just after the corner take a left up LadyBrae Road (signposted Vogrie).
Continue on this road up to the top of the hill then turn right, then immediately left (again signposted Vogrie).
At Park go in Main entrance (through gates) and park in carpark on left hand side. Unfortunately they've just introduced a 1 parking fee...but it is very easy to spend the whole day in Vogrie.

1. Take path (past toilet block) signposted Vogrie House and BBQ1.
2. Go past Bird garden and BBQ hut. Then at the fork in the path take the track 50 degrees from North.
3. At the pond take the path with the birdhouse in the tree.
4. When you come across the dirt road track take the path North over the river.
5. After the river take the path signposted 'Tyne Valley'.
6. Step out 45 paces from the seats across from the signpost. You should now have 2 holly bushes on either side of you.
7. Take another 4 paces then 20 degrees from North you'll see a dead tree standing.
8. Climb up round the back of the tree to a large rotten log lying on the ground. You'll find the letter box in a crevice underneath the fallen log.

For a different route back you can either go through North wood (although it will add an extra 1/2 mile to your journey), or go up past Vogrie house (there's an Adventure play area for the kids + icrecream in the summer months).

For this box, you will need:
  • An inkpad
  • Compass
  • Something to write with
  • Gloves

Hidden On: 18/02/2007
Last Known Find:  Please let us know your find