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16. Dalbeasties 3
Location: Dalbeattie Town Wood, Dalbeattie
Landranger OS sheet 84, Grid ref 837 599
Difficulty of Trail: Easy Peasy
Length of Trail: 1 - 2 miles
Accessibility: Unknown
Area: Midlothian

Collect a copy of the Forestry Commissions “Solway Coast” leaflet either from the car park at Grid ref 837 599 or from a tourist information centre.

Dalbeattie Town wood is a popular spot with dog walkers and families: please be discreet in your searches and finding. Replace the letterbox with care so others may enjoy the fun of finding.

Box no 3 Snail 1 ¼ miles

  1. From the car park follow the blue markers to the north end of Plantain Loch. Here you will find a Totem pole.
  2. Take the red/yellow trail in a northerly direction. You will come to a junction in the forest track.
  3. Turn right up the hill and continue following the red/yellow route uphill.
  4. Almost immediately you will come to a second junction - make sure that you keep to the right hand track. Follow this until you come to a T junction.
  5. At this point the red and yellow routes split. Follow the red route to your left which goes uphill.
  6. Take 150 paces until you see a 2 meter high rock face on the left of the forest road.
  7. Leave the road and follow this rock face in for 10 paces to a concave section of the crag, just before a 3 meter high rock slab.

The box is in a hole in the ground within the concave rock formation – it is under a number of twigs.

Additional Information:

For this box, you will need:

  • An inkpad
  • Something to write with
  • Gloves
Hidden By: Red Squirrels
Hidden On: 29th April 2007
Last Known Find: Please let us know your find