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15. Dalbeasties 2
Location: Dalbeattie Town Wood, Dalbeattie
Landranger OS sheet 84, Grid ref 837 599
Difficulty of Trail: Easy Peasy
Length of Trail: 1 - 2 miles
Accessibility: Unknown
Area: Midlothian

Collect a copy of the Forestry Commissions “Solway Coast” leaflet either from the car park at Grid ref 837 599 or from a tourist information centre.

Dalbeattie Town wood is a popular spot with dog walkers and families: please be discreet in your searches and finding. Replace the letterbox with care so others may enjoy the fun of finding.

Box no 2 Dragonfly 1 mile

  1. From the car park follow the blue markers to the north end of Plantain Loch. Here you will find a Totem pole.
  2. Continue on the blue route. This will take you round the east side of Plantain Loch.
  3. Stop at the loch side where there is a bench in memory of Patricia Chapman 1937 – 2005. Take time to look out over the water. If you are lucky you will see the Dab Chicks (Little Grebes) and the herons in the trees across the loch.
  4. Take 47 paces along a bearing of 30 degrees from the bench. The spot you are looking for is an opening between three small boulders which has a crag both above and below it.

The box is under a covering of leaves and pine cones.

Additional Information:

For this box, you will need:

  • An inkpad
  • Something to write with
  • Compass
  • Gloves
Hidden By: Red Squirrels
Hidden On: 29th April 2007
Last Known Find: Please let us know your find