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10. The Pipes
Location: Glasgow
Area: High Street Viewpoint

Never has an instrument been so loved by a people and yet so feared by their enemies as the Highland Bagpipes. The pipes are a symbol of strength, the salve of the sould and the pride of the Clans. The Scottish Bagpipes are thought to date back to about 100 a.d. Their true origin is uncertain. The English crown so feared their stirring effects on the Scottish population after their defeats in the 18th century that the playing of the bagpipes was forbidden upon pain of imprisonment or death.

  1. To find your pipes, first a visit to the Tenement House in Glasgow is in order. Located at 145 Buccleuch Street, the Tenement House is a fascinating step back in time to a typical Victorian tenement flat, dating back to 1892. The furniture and personal possessions of Miss Agnes Toward, who lived here for over fifty years, present a fascinating picture of domestic life at the beginning of the 20th Century. For a small fee, you can tour the tenement.
  2. From the Tenement House, go right up Buccleuch Street and take a right on Garnet Street.
  3. Up that hill and then another right onto High Street.
  4. Follow High Street to the end and the High Street Viewpoint. Enjoy the view out over the West End of Glasgow!
  5. Then follow the path left as it curves down the hill.
  6. Take the left at the graffitied brick wall and as the path becomes steps at the second lamppost on your left, The Pipes awaits at its base.

For this box, you will need:

  • An inkpad
  • A towel or kitchen paper for cleaning mucky stamp, box or hands.
Hidden By: Amanda from Seattle
Hidden On: 28th August 2005
Last Known Find: Please let us know your find