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9. Avon Run
Terrain: Can be muddy after rain, but paths to the box are good
Length of Trail: 2 Miles
Location: Hamilton
Area: Chatelherault
Elevation Gain: 88 feet
  1. Off the M74 motorway, just outside Hamilton to the south is the country Park of Chatelherault. Now to reach the letterbox you need to follow the blue trail called "the hole story trail" to complete the full trail takes just under 1 hour.
  2. Once parked walk up hill to the Chatelherault visitor center (good lunch there when I stopped there plus free maps of the park) round to the front of the center and walk left down past the disabled parking bays and through small gap in hedges to find the track to take you down through the old quarry.
  3. At the cross in the paths go straight ahead and up the steps turning right at the top. This path climbs about 8m then opens out into a wide path.
  4. Follow as the path which will slowly drop down to a fork in the path, take left fork the sign says "old Avon bridge". The woods at this part can be full of spring flowers, now on the left path go down some lose stone covered steps to a T-junction.
  5. Turn left here and follow the good path with the river Avon on your right hand and the high tree covered land to the left. If you want and have time one or two paths let you cut down to the river Avon and you can see many wild birds on the river.
  6. You will be coming up to the letterbox now, you will reach some metal steps just before you go under the massive arches of the Dukes bridge above. DONT GO DOWN THE STEPS.
  7. Standing at the top of these steps walk back away from the steps take 6 or 7 steps along where you have just come along looking up hill, your looking for a tree thats V or u in shape its about 1m off the path but up hill about 2m high above the path.
  8. Looking at this tree to the right and slightly down you will see a small hole in the cliff the hole will have leaves, sticks etc. inside, but the box is inside too.

Please place back inside where you found the box and well recover with leaves sticks but dont over fill the hole in the cliff.
You can retrace your route back to the center or go down the metal steps following this path which can be muddy and narrow in parts but it does join a wide path, when it does turn left to take you back to the center.

For this box, you will need:

  • An inkpad
  • A towel or kitchen paper for cleaning mucky stamp, box or hands.
Notes: Replace the stamp into the plastic bag to help stop spare ink going onto anything else.
Hidden By: martzscot
Hidden On: 10th September 2005
Last Known Find: Please let us know your find