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4. Hiding with Cattle
Difficulty of Trail:

Moderate, unless you're a sherpa

If you're not familiar with the area, it would be a good idea to check out a map or get a bit of advice from the local tourist info peeps before heading out on this one.

Length of Trail: 5 miles return (approx)

Legend has it that the MacDonalds hid their stolen cattle in this valley.

  1. As you enter this valley from the south east side of the river, follow the path across a small stream of water coming down off of a waterfall (or if it’s dry, it’s more likely to look like a moraine)
  2. Go to the first tree off to the right of the path
  3. The box is hidden underneath a small pile of stones underneath a larger boulder
  4. If you arrange yourself so that the tree is between you and the path, the boulder is to the elevated and to the left behind the tree.

After finding, exchanging images and making your entry, please ensure the lid is tightly back in place and the box is hidden well out of sight.

For this box, you will need:

  • An inkpad
  • Something to write with
  • Gloves would be a good idea, and a stick to gently check the spot for critters
  • A towel or kitchen paper for cleaning mucky stamp, box or hands.
Hidden On:  
Last Known Find: Please let us know your find