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2. Crieff Hydro
PLEASE NOTE: This box has currently been removed. It will be returned to the site shortly - please watch this space...
Difficulty of Trail: Easy Peasy
Length of Trail:

1-2 miles (from the small car park at the crest of the hill)

3.7 (approx) miles from town

This box is hidden in the Upper Knock by the Creiff Hydro Hotel in the town of Crieff in Perthshire.

The Walk
You can get to the Upper Knock from the town. From James Square in the centre of Crieff, walk up Hill Street for about a third of a mile. Turn left up Knock Road - signposted "To The Knock" - and follow this road until it passes through a gate and becomes a wide track. To the right is Crieff Hydro - an imposing and elegant Victorian hotel established in 1868 as a spa and health resort.

Continue along this path for a short distance then turn right, taking one of the small paths leading up the hill through the open woodland. The summit is within half a mile and the reward is a marvellous panoramic view, south across Strathearn and north-west into the Grampian Mountains. The view-indicator helps to identify the various peaks that can be seen. The round trip from the town centre, round the knock and back again, is approximately 6km.

Alternately, you can park in the small car park near the crest of the hill. Follow signs for Crieff Hydro Hotel (depending on which way you’re coming in, one of the signs is behind some trees—if you’re coming into Crieff from the south, you’ll go through town and be heading out toward Perth on the A85 before you see this sign and turn left onto Connaught Terrace—the rest of the signs are clear from this point). When you enter the grounds of the hotel, follow the road on the right past the equestrian centre. This road will lead you to the Knock car park. The walk round the knock from the upper car park is approximately 3km.

The Clues
From whichever place you choose to start:

  1. Follow the footpath up to the Knock Summit.
  2. According to Robert Rule’s Memorial Stone, take the path that is approximately 28 degrees North of a royal’s chair (no compass needed).
  3. A big boulder on the left at the bottom of a slope lets you know you chose the correct path.
  4. Follow the trail sign through the gate.
  5. Continue on the trail following K.W. sign posts.
  6. Follow the path until you see a cairn on your right.
  7. Go approximately 40 paces further down the path from this cairn, until you reach a clearing on your left, where a wee cairn sits on your right.
  8. From the middle of the path, go approximately 6 paces to your left (into the clearing).
  9. You should see a moss mound to your left, and the box is hidden in the back of that mound, up against the evergreen trees. If there’s a dead tree between you and the path, you have gone a little too far. It is worth using a stick to help you locate the box.

After finding, exchanging images and making your entry, please ensure the lid is tightly back in place and the box is hidden well out of sight.

For this box, you will need:
  • An inkpad
  • Something to write with
  • A compass (though it’s probably possible to find it without)
  • Gloves would be a good idea, and a stick to gently check the spot for critters before reaching in and around.
  • A towel or kitchen paper for cleaning mucky stamp, box or hands.
Hidden On:  
Last Known Find: Please let us know your find