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1. Amongst Trees
Difficulty of Trail: Graded Moderate by Forestry Commission (though short)
Length of Trail: 1 to 2 miles return (not including the walk from Pucks Glen Car Park)

This letterbox is located near Dunoon, in Argyll Forest Park on the Big Trees Walk. The trail head is on the A815, directly opposite the Benmore Botanic Garden. It can be reached by parking in the Pucks Glen Car Park (about a mile south on the A815), and walking north along the forest road.

  1. Start at the trail head (sign posted Big Tree Walk)
  2. The trail immediately starts with some climbing, then veers right (follow blue-striped posts)
  3. How did the letterboxer cross the tree? (Around, under or over)
  4. Pass an abandoned hut of stone and tin, and stay left at the fork.
  5. Trail ascends.
  6. Over crest of hill on the left, there is a sign with a trail map. From this point, follow trail further for approximately 20 paces.
  7. Approximately 60 degrees from North, you will see the general hiding spot of the box. Can you see a turtle’s head in the large, protruding rock? The box is hidden behind his jawbone.
  8. If you’ve reached the forest road, you’ve gone too far.
For this box, you will need:
  • An inkpad
  • Something to write with
  • A compass (though it’s probably possible to find it without)
  • Gloves would be a good idea, and a stick to gently check the spot for critters before reaching in and around.
  • A towel or kitchen paper for cleaning mucky stamp, box or hands.
  • A bit of imagination
Hidden On: 6th August 2005
Last Known Find: Please let us know your find