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Please Note: We can't vouch for boxes we didn't hide, and their inclusion should in no way be interpreted as some sort of endorsement. However, we invite you to embark upon them with a spirit of adventure and an openness to the wonderful imperfection of life. And as always, use your common sense and good judgement.

Name Difficulty Length Location Hidden by
01. Amongst Trees Easy / Moderate 1-2 miles Dunoon Towanda
02. Crieff Hydro     Crieff Towanda
03. Forth Rail Bridge     Dalgety Bay Towanda
04. Hiding with Cattle Easy / Moderate 5 miles It's a mystery... Towanda
05. Letham Hill Wood     Dalgety Bay Towanda
06. Loch Rannoch Easy Minimal Loch Rannoch Towanda
07. North Queensferry     North Queensferry Towanda
08. The Goddess in Scotland Easy Less than 1 mile It's a mystery... JeLyBean
09. Avon Run   2 miles Hamilton martzscot
10. The Pipes     Glasgow Amanda from Seattle
11. Hunting in Scotland     Innerleithen (Near Peebles) Don & Gwen
12. Midlothian 1 Easy Peasy Less than 1 mile Vogrie Country Park Amber Rankin (aged 4 years)
13. Midlothian 2 Easy Peasy Less than 1 mile Gore Glen Danielle Rankin (aged 11 years)
14. Dalbeasties 1 Easy Peasy Less than 1 mile Dalbeattie Red Squirrels
15. Dalbeasties 2 Easy Peasy 1-2 miles Dalbeattie Red Squirrels
16. Dalbeasties 3 Easy Peasy 1-2 miles Dalbeattie Red Squirrels
17. Battle of Dryfesands Easy Peasy   Near Lockerbie Scarab